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Argentinian Restaurant in London | Comedor Steak Restaurant

Argentinian Restaurant in London

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South America and Argentina in particular is home to one of the finest traditions in rearing, cutting, preparing, serving (and eating) beef. We proudly present our heritage and range of classic and speciality cut steaks to the standards expected from an authentic Argentinian Restaurant in London.

Classic steaks
Filet Most tender of cuts, with succulent interspersed marbling 300g
Sirlion Tender, succulent, with a strip of juicy crackling 300g
Rump One of the leanest cuts, with distinctive flavour 300g
Comedor cuts
Churrasco For when you are very hungry – big, tasty, on the bone, cross-cut 700g
Asado One chunky, meaty rib, uniquely flavoured by the bone proximity 500g
Picana Top of the rump – most prized and popular cut in Brazil 300g
Vacio Tender and flavourful cut from the bottom of sirloin flank 300g

Comedor steaks are carefully selected from the top beef suppliers based in Smithfield Market. Filet steak, sirloin steak and rump steak are all dry aged for 21 days and all our steaks are marinated in a special, secret chef’s marinade for between 24 and 72 hours prior to serving, depending on the cut.

Filet, sirloin and rump steak are served in cuts of approximately 300g while Churrasco comes at a massive 700g – pound for pound probably the best value steak presented by any Argentinian Restaurant in London. Each steak comes with a sauce of your choice – we offer a choice of up to 10 sauces, all of which are prepared from fresh ingredients in our kitchen here at Comedor. Each steak is grilled to your liking, from blue to well done.

Comedor Grill and Bar steaks come brushed with chimichurri leaving you free to choose the sauce that you think will best complement your meat.

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