Legend goes that cocktails were invented here in London in the mid 18th Century. However, a number of the best known (and we think the best) such as Margaritas, Pina Coladas and Mojitos are South American.
The region has many sophisticated and interesting cocktails and liquers for you to try. Have you tried Pisco Sour? For decades, Chile and Peru have fought over the birthrights to this sweet, Marguerita-like drink. Pisco is a type of brand that is distilled from Muscat grapes, grown in both Peru and Chile. To make a sour, first make a simple syrup then blend it together with two shots of Pisco, lime juice, one teaspoon of egg white and ice. Grab a glass, dip the rim in egg white, then sugar and you’ll start to understand the intensity of the ownership dispute.


In the last two decades tequila has upgraded its reputation from a gut rot drink to a sophisticated spirit that rivals whisky for nuance and complexity, and often price. Likely inspired by the Scots, tequila producers have been releasing increasingly longer-aged vintages, single-barrel bottling and aging their tequilas in oak barrels. Remember, tequila is not just for shots, a good quality tequila is delicious when sipped.


This Peruvian grape brandy is a Comedor favourite. Ask our barman for the simple pisco sour cocktail or try a pisco punch, which was created in San Francisco during the Gold Rush.


The decade’s mojito is the caiprinha, the national drink of Brazil, made with cachaça its native spirit. Cachaça is a combination of fermented and distilled sugarcane juice, which often has grassy notes that make it more savoury than other mixing spirits. You can have a classic one or be more adventurous and try Comedor strawberry or passion fruit caipiroskas.


White rum will always have a place in frozen daiquiris and other beach drinks, but well-aged, boldly flavoured rums are becoming too good to mix in a mojito. Connoisseurs prefer to sip it neat, like they would a cognac. At the same time our customers and barmen still appreciate well loved favourites such as pina coladas and malibus.