Comedor Cookery School

Comedor Cookery school is coming this January, in 4 hours, we will show you how to prepare the beef, cut it, grill it like our expert griller and also the science behind it all, includes lunch and a Comedor apron and you are able to purchase our amazing meat box to take home with you.

This is a hands-on course so expect to get beefy! 

An introduction to Comedor
A brief bit about us

A bit of theory
beef- cuts, history, provenance, and aging.

Butchery Demo
we will show you how to clean a rump and a fillet.

Butchery Practical
You will clean a fillet and cut portions of ribeye, sirloin, rump and make our classic Argentine sauce chimichurri

Grilling Demo
we will show you how to grill our unique way

Grilling Practical
you will grill your own steaks

We will then all sit down together and enjoy a perfectly cooked lunch with chips, Malbec,
chimichurri and sides

Price £99 per person

We run courses on Thursday’s at 11:30am and Sunday’s at 11:00am
please contact us for dates.

Maximum 10 people per Course
Minimum 4 people per Course








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