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How Would You Like Your Steak? | Comedor Steak Restaurant

How Would You Like Your Steak?

Blue to well done are descriptions of how thoroughly cooked a cut of meat is, based on the colour, juiciness and internal temperature when cooked. Gradations, their descriptions, and the associated temperature ranges vary regionally from cuisine to cuisine and in local practice and terminology. The table below is the guideline that our chefs use when preparing a steak.
The temperatures indicated are the peak temperatures in the cooking process, as the meat is removed from the heat source, a couple of degrees cooler than the temperature stated. The interior of a cut of meat will still increase in temperature by 3 to 5 degrees centigrade after it is removed from the grill. The whole meat, and the centre will also continue to cook slightly as the hot exterior continues to warm the slightly cooler interior. We then allow the meat to ’rest’ before being served, which allows for the juices in the centre to return to the edges.

Steak Temperature Guideline:

Steak - Blue

Seared on the outside, completely red on the inside, cold
Temperature 46 – 49 C

Steak - Rare

Seared on the outside, 75% red on the inside, cold centre
Temperature 50 – 55 C

Steak - Medium to Rare

Seared on the outside, 50% red on the inside, warm centre, firmer
Temperature 55 – 60 C

Steak - Medium

Seared on the outside, 25% pink showing, firm
Temperature 60 – 65 C

Steak - Medium to Well Done

Hint of pink in the centre
Temperature 65 – 69 C

Steak - Well Done

Broiled until gray-brown throughout, firm
Temperature 71 – 100 C