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In addition to our amazing steaks, we serve a range of small and medium sized chicken, seafood and vegetarian dishes, prepared according to traditional Peruvian, Colombian and Argentinian recipes. These recipes are all based on the finest South American ingredients such as plantain, yucca, aji pepper and quinoa. Some of the traditional South American dishes on Comedor menu include:




Ceviche is fast becoming a popular alternative to sushi. It is made from fresh raw fish marinated in citrus juices, spiced with chilli, onion, salt, coriander and pepper. Comedor Ceviche is made to order to a Peruvian recipe and is accompanied by sweet potato and two types of Peruvian corn.





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Empanadas are pastry parcels baked or fried in many countries in Latin America. Comedor empanadas are fried with a crunchy cornmeal exterior, according to a traditional Colombian recipe. Traditional stuffing can vary – Comedor empanadas are stuffed with pulled lean rump steak, chicken and chorizo or with spinach and stilton.