Welcome to our blog. Here at Comedor we are very excited to have already started a bit of a “Must Go To” buzz, not just because of our brilliant local following, but also from all kinds of food lovers who have made us their destination after word of mouth and online reviews have tempted them through our doors.

We have so many plans and great ideas in store for you, with some already in place.

From competitions, late night music with fantastic guest DJ’s playing an eclectic mix of popular chart toppers and Latino beats to one off events and a chance to try your hand at something new (no more clues for now as we don’t want to spoil the surprises!)

This is so much more than just a restaurant! “Comedor” means “Dining Room” in Spanish and we want this to become yours! So where better to enjoy life and share the good times than your very own home from home.

Be sure to come back to our blog soon as our marketing team will be putting forward offers and promotions, Staff will tell their stories, Customers will post their views,  Journalist will write their opinions & Management will announce company news.